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  • Former Eagles Member Randy Meisner’s Wife Shot And Killed

    Randy Weisner

    The wife of co-founding Eagles member, Randy Meisner, was found shot to death in their Los Angeles home. It is still unclear how Lana Rae Meisner was killed but an investigation is still on-going.

    According to TMZ reports, earlier in the evening on Sunday (March 6) law enforcement reported to the Meisner residence when Lana Rae Meisner allegedly called 911 to report a domestic abuse incident, accusing Randy Meisner of “acting erratically.” About an hour and a half later, Randy Meisner called 911 to report that his wife had gone into another room when he heard a gun shot.

    According to an unnamed law enforcement, Randy told police that his wife, “was stumbling around, looking for something in a closet where there were two guns. She was looking for something in the hall closet and Randy told cops one of the guns was falling and in the process, Lana Rae caught it and it ended up blowing her head apart.”

    There is no confirmation as to how this all happened.

    Meisner’s marriage had gone a down hill last year in spring when Randy claimed that Lana Rae wanted to kill him. She had been accused of keeping Randy in a “state of near-constant inebriation” so that he would be “easier to control”. Spring forward to June and, Randy allegedly threatened murder-suicide with an AK-47 and pills when he was put under 24 hour care.

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